The C-Coupon

It started an hour after we left the cancer institute.  I was just told the news and we were driving back to our Buffalo apartment when we realized that feeling hungry had nothing to do with whether we should stop off at the grocery store.  We had nothing to eat at the apartment or at least nothing that was appetizing which at that moment included everything in the known universe.  My first blog entry was about that stop over at the grocery store and how my trust in Christ at that moment needed to feel palatable, thus the balled fist.  But by the end of grocery shopping I was feeling some hope and even some peace.  David and I were going our separate ways in different carts and found ourselves buying more than we normally would and products that didn’t quite fit our usual budget minded selves or personalities. And then it hit me….. We were using our “C-coupons,” imaginary, yes, since no one gave us any discounts or gifts, but none the less valid to David and me.  By the time we met at the checkout line we were justifying each other’s unusual purchases with, “I’m using my Cancer coupon,” for this one and for that one.  We had a giggle (David won’t approve of the “giggle” word for himself but, this is my blog) and moved on.   Since then every time either of us don’t feel mature in a newly purchased item we simply announce, “I’m using my C-coupon.”

Humor is situational

Now, some of you may not think humor is appropriate or normal is such circumstances. Some of you may even be offended because your hard experiences in life never disposed you to levity.   If this posting offends you and you tell me, I will more than likely regret that I ever wrote it and remove it.  I don’t want to hurt or offend anyone. I mean it!  Suffering is a highly personal thing and comes in degrees of devastations of which humor could even seem dark and cruel.  But I am going to go with it for now in my situation and share my thoughts about humor. I may change my mind later.

Importance of endorphins

We all have probably heard that laughing produces endorphins which is good, right?  Pain management protocols call for humor.   Endorphins lower stress but also reduce the experience of pain.

Years ago I had a client I was treating for eating disorders and by the time she was discharged to a healthier life, she told me that she never laughed so much with a therapist (she had had several) .  She didn’t say whether it was good or bad and I didn’t ask.  She was simply stating a fact.  I wondered if that was a good thing. Since then I have decided that it was, for her anyway.  I had and have no intention of making therapy a comedy routine with me as the star performer (I can dream about it, though) but I do like to laugh and I know that it can be helpful. Now, in a few minutes my husband is going to read this and come to me and say, “Liar, liar pants on fire.”  ,Why have there been times over the years, months and days that I have tried to bring levity to a situation and you have bit my head off?”  The answer is straight forward and I would have thought intuitive…  “You are my husband and are supposed to be acutely aware of my varying mood states at all times and make the needed adjustments!  Could anything be simpler, dear husband of 35 years?”

So, for now I am going to post a Monty Python Sketch that I just found and laughed through and believe I got a few needed endorphins.  I hope you do too.  The sketch shows how the younger generation don’t appreciate how tough the older generation had it.

Wishing you and endorphin-enriched day,


2 thoughts on “The C-Coupon

  1. Anonymous March 9, 2014 / 10:52 pm

    Very funny video!

  2. Anonymous March 12, 2014 / 3:05 pm

    Hi, Dona. Enjoyed the video!! Thinking of you today as we wait for sunrise here in Juneau. Love those endorphins! Janet

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